Most Outrageous Sint Maarten Beach - Maho Beach

Written by  SHOWME Caribbean

In our series of five best beaches on St. Maarten, Maho Beach stands out from the rest for being the most outrageous beach setting on the island.  Why?  Because jumbo jets almost land on your head while you're on this beach.  Planes fly extremely low, within a few feet/meters over your head, on final - and I mean final with landing gear down - approach to Princess Juliana Airport.  This is a beach experience unlike anything else.  We recently learned that KLM's Boeing 747s will no longer be landing there but this video will let you see what it looked like for viewers when they did land there.  But no matter.  Smaller jet planes will continue to land there and blow you away on the beach, and we mean almost literally blow you away.  You will actually feel the jet blast and the stinging blowing sand as they fly over you. 

The crowds position themselves on the beach watching for the next plane to approach, cameras and cell phones ready to capture the thrilling moment.  Yes, it's a rush, and a must-do activity while on St. Martin.  It's not a beach for peace, quiet and relaxation, but mainly for fun and excitement.  We put this on our adventure list because it truly is an exciting heart-pumping experience.  It's worth it for the thrill. 

There are hotels and restaurants nearby should you decide to stay in the Maho area, such as the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and the Sunset Beach Bar, which is located at one end of the beach and offers casual food and drinks while you watch the incoming planes.

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