Pinel Island Tour

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Pinel Island just off the tip of St. Martin provides a beautiful oasis of nature with great beaches in a natural setting. This perfect little island with nature trails and beautiful beaches is on our list of the best five beaches of St. Martin. Although this is actually an island just off shore from the French Cul de Sac area of St. Martin, it has some of the most pristine beaches on St. Martin, with water as calm as a swimming pool. This video provides information on how to get there and a visual tour around the island. If you are on a Caribbean cruise looking at tours for St. Maarten, take a free look in this video of what a tour excursion to Pinel Island will let you see and explore. There is lots of great snorkeling in shallow waters and pleasant and easy hiking trails around the island.

You can find a version with French subtitles on YouTube.

The nature trails that wind around the island bring you to viewing points of the more windy and rugged north and east beaches and there are markers along the way that explain the sites and flora.  The island itself is a beautiful nature preserve.

The photo below is the view of the main beach as you approach the end of the nature trail.  From here you can work your way down to the beach and relax under an umbrella and have some lunch or dip into the calm water to cool off after your hike.

Yellow Beach can be seen from the boat as you approach Pinel Island.  This beach has a snack bar with some tables situated in the water where you can enjoy refreshments while wading.
Be sure to check out the other four beaches on our best beaches of St. Martin list - Happy Bay, Friar's Bay, Dawn Beach and Maho Beach.  On our visit there, we stayed at the perfectly situated Coral Beach Resort, located on Dawn Beach and easily accessible to both the French and Dutch sides of the island. 
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