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Written by  somedaytrips

Transport yourself to beautiful Blausee, the Blue Lake, an unbelievably stunning emerald blue lake in the Kander Valley of Switzerland.  It's a popular tourist destination for those traveling in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. 

On our recent road trip through the Swiss Alps from Bern to Brig on a very rainy day, we almost didn't visit this lake because of the weather, but we decided to make the stop anyway, and we were very glad we did.  When we arrived at the park, the large Blausee sign and small building belied the beauty of what was there.  Umbrella, raincoat and camera in hand, I quickly took a walk down the path ahead of my husband, who was hauling all the camera gear, to make sure there was something worth seeing. 

As I came around one of the bends on the path, I was instantly transported to another world as I caught sight of this incredibly beautiful blue lake.  I was absolutely transfixed by the color and clarity of the water.  I called to my husband to hurry and get down there because this was something to see, despite the rain. 

We've seen lots of beautiful blue waters around the world, but this was something different, something truly unique, so beautiful and serene. It is like stepping into another world, a mystical rainforest fairytale world.  The path around the lake is somewhat rugged in a couple places, but as you walk along, there is another surprise, a sculpture of a woman looking up through the crystal clear water.  There is a romantic tale behind this maiden in the lake

As you continue the hike around the lake, you can enjoy its beauty from many vantage points, as well as the beautiful Swiss Alps and tall waterfalls that surround the park.  This small nature park also has glass bottom boats, a trout farm, picnic areas, playgrounds and walkways.  There is also a hotel, spa and restaurant on site.  Apparently in the winter, Blausee is just as beautiful, if not more so, with the deep blue color of the lake in vivid contrast to the surrounding snow and ice-covered landscape.  Though the area is rather small, it is well worth the visit. 

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We picked this video from SkyRec Productions because it best reflected the incredible color of this lake.




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