Jungfraujoch in The Alps of Switzerland

      Credit:  George M
       Video Duration: 2m
Written by  George M

We're off to the Swiss Alps soon and the Junfraujoch region is on our list.  This travel video brings us some scenes of the area that we're looking forward to seeing - the majestic snow-capped Swiss Alps, scenes of little villages with Swiss chalets, cows everywhere on the Alpine hills, fondue, cheese, more cows and more cheese.  The upbeat yodeling tune that goes with this video is very amusing.

George M describes his video:  The third video in our EuroTrip series, we stop by Zurich for some sightseeing, a pot of genuine Swiss fondue, and a much needed replacement hard drive at the Apple Store before continuing on to Lauterbrunnen Valley, where herds of Swiss cows graze in the shadows of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains.

In just one day, we explore both sides of the Valley, starting with an early trip up from Stechelberg to Gimmelwald to buy some genuine Alpkasen (Alp Cheese) before heading back down and hitting up Wengen, taking the cable car to Mannlichen, hiking a few miles down to Kliene Schidegg in the blistering cold and falling snow to get some breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, then visiting the Swiss cows and their symphony of bells before taking the trains up to Jungfraujoch "The Top of Europe" and enjoying the views at the top all by ourselves with a pack of Swiss chocolate in hand.

Not a lot of folks think about going to a place like Lauterbrunnen Valley when they visit Europe, but trust me - after my first visit on a Contiki tour, this is one place you won't want to miss!

P.S. Many thanks to Rick Steves for directing us to the Alpkase in Gimmelwald - a great find!
P.P.S. Back packing around Europe? We highly recommend the High Sierra Sentinel 65 - perfect for getting arund!

Music Credit: Frank Ifield - "She Taught Me How To Yodel"

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