The Swiss Chur Arosa Railway

Written by  Alessandro Della Bella

Fun timelapse video that takes you on a train journey through the Swiss Alps.  Read below to learn how this video was created.

Alessandro Della Bella's Comments:

Chur Arosa Trainlapse

The journey gets off to a leisurely start in Chur. But the sedate trundle through the town is soon over as the red train suddenly begins to climb up into the mountains, where Arosa awaits with fresh mountain air. The Arosa Line climbs 1,000 meters in just 26 kilometers. Since 1914 the train is winding its way through unspoilt nature and the mountainous landscape of Schanfigg.

The composition seems to float across the Langwieser Viaduct over the Plessur river. What takes an hour in real time is accomplished in less than 5 minutes in time lapse. This movie is the result of over 15’000 single photographs. Many thanks to Michael Gertschen for composing an amazing soundtrack!


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