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Are the amazing terraces of the Lavaux vineyards an UNESCO World Heritage Site that you should add to your list when planning your travel to Switzerland? If you like good wine, then the answer is clearly yes because Swiss wines are difficult to find outside the country. Lavaux is just one of many UNESCO sites in Switzerland. Did you know that when you plan your travel to Switzerland you could mark 11 sites off your UNESCO World Heritage bucket list?  The Lavaux region is one of the 11 sites located in the country of Switzerland. Lausanne on Lake Geneva is the closest major city to the area. From Geneva, you can travel to the region in about an hour by train or car and in under 2 hours from Bern. 

Now you might be thinking, why visit this World Heritage Site - the answer is Switzerland wine. There are surprisingly over 15,000 hectares of vineyards in the country.  So why haven't you ever heard about Swiss wine? The reason for the secret is not because they are good at keeping secrets but because only 2% of wine production is exported. For wine and travel lovers you just hit the wanderlust jackpot when traveling in Switzerland. First a UNESCO site to cross off your list and then a Swiss wine you will never find anywhere else.   We will be sure to have another glass of their Pinot Noir or other varietal the next time we visit. We are adding two recent articles on Swiss wine if you would like to dive a little deeper.   The first is an article from Forbes "Why Swiss Wines Continue to Impress" the references a continued increase in production that would be good news for those not visiting Switzerland or wishing a memory in their home.  The second is an article in the Washington Post " You have to work to find them, but Swiss wines are worth the chase" confirming or opinions on why you should drink more wine and less beer while in Switzerland.  Luck for us, the author shared a store we can find them locally so we are all set for a fondue and wine memory from Switzerland. We have your attention about the wine but let's talk about visiting the Lavaux vineyard area.


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You can explore the terrace by bike on the Swiss wine route from St. Saphorin to Lutry. You will need to be in pretty good shape for the uphill parts of this trip. For those less adventurous you can simply hike or walk through the terraced areas or take an easy panoramic train tour. The road tour train has two routes that you can explore.  Check the link for the times it is available.

You will not regret making this trip as you find yourself walking through one of the most interesting balances of sustainable life on the shore of Lake Geneva.  Imagine yourself caressing the rock wall terrace from the shore built over the centuries.  Walk among a tradtion of winemaking that has been passed down through the generations of families for hundreds of years.  The views and experience would make any food and wine lover happy and is a perfect spot to capture some excellent photography.

Lavaux Vineyards

Spectacular Scenery at Lavaux Vineyards

Lavaux Vineyards Lake Train

For those passing through without time to enjoy a walk among the terraces there is the Lavaux Wine Center called "VINORAMA". This facility is right along Lake Geneva where you can sample wine from most of the vintners from the Lavaux appellations. Here you can enjoy tastings through the guidance of knowledgeable staff. The experience could be considered joining the membership of the few that have enjoyed Swiss wines. Take an extra bottle or two to enjoy on the slopes of the Alps with some cheese and bread, and don't forget Swiss chocolate. Can you picture that? Keep the dreams alive and someday you will be there. Lastly, the center has cultural information and a film on Lavaux that runs about every 30 minutes.  There is a proposal for a museum that looks absolutely stunning but no news yet on when this will be available.

Swiss architects Mauro Turin

Still can't decide if you can squeeze the vineyards into your visit?  One reviewer on Trip Advisor said the following "One of the most stunning experiences you can live in your life ! GO ! GO ! GO!"  Read the full review here

Other points of interest nearby:

Chateaux Chillon situated on Lake Geneva has over 1000 years of history to explore.  Built by the Dukes of Savoy, its origins go back to the 11th century but the current structure is said to be 13th century.  During the summer it is open from 09:00 to 19:00.

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Wine lovers might also want to explore Aigle Castle (Chateau d'Aigle) that is now the home to the museum of wine and winemaking.  It is in the town of Aigle to the south of the region.

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 Lavaux Vineyards Photo Gallery

Photo Credits: Switzerland Tourism

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