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Travel to Malta for a destination that will satisfy your wanderlust for ancient civilizations, intricate architecture and a culture rich with history.  Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily and north of Africa, is actually an archipelago of three islands.  Besides Malta, there is Gozo and Comino, both smaller than the main island but with their own rich and ancient history and epic scenery. It has a long history spanning centuries of colonial occupation, from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and France to Britain in more recent times.

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In our continuing collection of curated travel videos we were inspired by this timelapse creation of Dubrovnik.  The scenery captures part of the day and night adventure that can be found when visiting this amazing UNESCO city heritage site.  The deep blue color of the Adriatic sea contrasting with the burnt orange tile rooftops in the hisitoric city create lasting memories for you when dreaming, planning or recalling memories of a visit.  Becoming one of the most popular destinations in Southern Europe this is a great video to watch to get pumped up about your future visit.

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Hello, this is the Galápagos Islands calling about your dream trip.  This got me hooked from the moment the phone started ringing until the very end.  I couldn't stop watching and smiling at this fun and entertaining travel video of the Galápagos Islands created by Andrew Norton.  He has put a very creative and amusing spin on a video showcasing these amazing islands. 

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Did you know you can travel for free around the world in minutes? Many have subscribed to this method with amazing results that will lift your mood and cure your wanderlust blues. The secret to free travel requires only a web browser, device (phone, tablet, computer) and some of your time. In minutes, watching a travel video will transport you to somewhere in the world and immerse you in part of the pleasure you get from traveling. Good videos that make the grade for our curated travel videos on SomedayTrips.com can become addictive, but as we promised they are free. So give it a try, explore a new place each day and soon you will be traveling daily during coffee breaks or while relaxing after work. What will be your next free travel destination?

If you create high quality travel videos drop us a note and we will do a review and get back to you.

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Here's a unique twist on a room with a view - a tiny room with many views, a room that brings a new and dramatic view every day.  This little room is transported from one amazing location to another in Québec, Canada, for a couple from Brooklyn, New York.  Explore in 3 minutes what this couple experienced in a week of touring Québec.  They had no idea where they would wake up each morning.  But you wouldn't believe how the room was moved or where their room was parked each day. 

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Stop whatever you're doing and watch this mesmerizing 2-minute hyperlapse video of Asia.  This remarkable video will take you on a tour of some of Asia's most spectacular scenery and famous landmarks.  Swiss couple Jenny and Sylvain of Lytchee Travel recently spent six months traveling through China and Southeast Asia documenting their incredible journey and creating this super cool video. 

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Find your dream vacation escape to the Turks and Caicos islands in this inspiring travel video that paints a picture through poetic narration of the beauty created by the power of nature in these islands.  It will have you daydreaming of a someday trip to this Caribbean island paradise.  Beautiful by nature is their motto, and we can certainly see why.  With 8 main islands and 40 smaller islands in the archipelago, there are plenty of calm white sandy beaches for a relaxing getaway.  The words in this video tell a story of islands that are more than just paradise but islands with a fascinating cultural history.

You might be surprised that there's a miracle on 34th Street in the Hampden area of Baltimore, Maryland, during the Christmas season.  This celebration of Christmas and lights that draws locals and travelers to this area every year is a popular atttraction on the east coast.  This short video will warm your heart and have you planning a visit to this area of Baltimore for some Christmas cheer.

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New York City is a bustling place to be at Christmas for a truly dazzling, bright lights, and big city holiday experience.  Around every corner, along the wide avenues of skyscrapers as high as you can see, there are festive lights and holiday displays lighting up the Big Apple.  Here are a few must-see things when visiting this city at Christmas. 

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Escape for a few moments and explore the world in this amazing video that will make you stop and reflect upon the extraordinary majesty of this planet.  This video will transport you to far off places around the world where you'll feel as if you're that person standing on the rocks, by the river, or on the cliffs reveling in those breathtaking views, reconnecting with nature, and being restored by the beautiful landscape around you. A feeling of calm and contemplation envelopes you while watching this video.  Shawn Reeder has created an amazing film that reminds us of the incredible beauty of our planet.  Many of the scenes are captured in Yosemite National Park, California.

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