Amazing footage of the Egyptian desert.  This is a beautifully produced video that takes you on an almost mystical journey through the desert of Egypt.

Seif Abdalla's comments:  An expedition lead by the Egyptian adventurer/desert tracker, Hassan El Bakly to rediscover the western desert in Egypt.
Shot with Iphone 6 and Sony A7s

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A very familar music theme starts this film.  You'll be awestruck by the many stunning images of landmarks around the world.  Oliver KMIA has put together an incredible movie that takes you everywhere and more.  How many places have you been to or recognize in this film?  It'll get your heart pounding with some of the action packed fast-paced film sequences, flying high over buildings, along rivers and across deserts at high speeds.  It's a wild ride!

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Take a tour of the old and the new in Paris.  You'll see both the well-known landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, L'Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Versailles as well as the new and modern side of the city, all through timelapse where you can see in fast time the dazzling city by day and night.

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Excellent creative video that transitions from black and white to color in a timelapse format that beautifully frames the rugged and wild look of Scotland.

Alexis Coram's remarks on her film:

Ah, Scotland. You have truly stolen a piece of my heart.

This short time lapse film is a compilation of memories from a glorious 16-day road trip I shared with my family in 2014. From rugged coastlines, powering waterfalls, and golden beaches to castles, mountain peaks, and sunlit valleys, Scotland has it all. One captivating adventure after another. 16-days simply wasn’t enough time to see all that Scotland beholds.

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Colorful, bright and full of dazzling Christmas cheer, this video will take you on a timelapse journey to some of the many Christmas markets in Germany.  It looks like a Christmas wonderland and certainly the ultimate place to be to celebrate the holidays.  So many unique treasures and brightly colored ornaments to be found in the markets, and lots of yummy looking food being prepared as well.  You can just smell the aroma of fresh baked breads, pastries, and mouth-watering delights of all kinds.  Imagine what you could bring home as memories of an unforgettable trip like this.  It's like a fairytale wonderland of yuletide joy.

Learn more about where to go and coming events this Christmas season on the Germany Christmas Travel page.

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An incredible video that takes you across the diverse landscape of Australia.  The land is arid and desert-like in much of the country, but there is also lush, tropical terrain as well as snow-capped mountains.  This video features Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, which is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory's desert, also the 12 Apostles, which is a collection of limestone stacks off the coast of South Australia, as well as beaches, waterfalls, and the popular koala bears and kangaroos. 

Experience New York City from a different perspective - timelapse form.  The action is fast-paced and busy, pumped up by the timelapse videography, both colorful and creative.  All the key landmarks are visited, including Times Square, the Freedom Tower, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Broadway and much more.

Eddie Peter Hobson's remarks: My newest New York City Timelapse :)  All Images and footage © Ta-Ta Ride Photography 2012  Music by Y Sazonoff - Time Traveler

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Experience the magic of Costa Rica through this creative video by Claire | SV3NSKA.  It's like a dream, both mesmerizing and artistic.  She creates an amazing visual experience.

This video is guaranteed to make you smile.  As we sit in our offices tired of the grind and the drab environment.  We work countless hours for the man/woman, and we dream about vacation.  The animals of Costa Rica are here to help you escape that daily work ritual.  This video will lighten your mood and brighten your day.

This timelapse video spins you through the Gold Coast's tropical rainforests, mystical forests, and its expansive beaches, to the glittering skyscrapers of Southport.  The timelapse effect makes the people and boats appear like fast-motion toys and the overall color of the video gives it a surreal feeling. has everything you would like to know about visiting the Gold Coast of Australia.

The video creators' comments:"Australia's Gold Coast" was shot entirely in Ultra HD 4K resolution by Joe Capra (scientifantastic) over a two week period on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, and was produced for Gold Coast Tourism ( ).