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What is one of the best ways to discover exotic Panama, explore the Panama Canal and experience the amazing tropical landscape of Costa Rica?  A yacht cruise may be just the ticket to experience the rich cultural heritage and diverse natural environment of these Central American countries.  The two countries, located next to each other, are bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the eastern side and the North Pacific Ocean on the western side, with the Panama Canal linking the North Atlantic and the North Pacific Oceans. 

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Bora Bora is the ultimate luxury island vacation destination.  We've all seen the photos of those bungalows over the water, now you get to virtually experience them in this beautiful video that will sweep you away to this island paradise.  So let yourself relax and escape for a few minutes in this video that will transport you from airport take-off to landing in Bora Bora

Tired of the summer heat?  Are you ready to cool off?  Then immerse yourself in this amazing video of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.  Imagine staying in a glass igloo where you can look up and watch the northern lights at night, or staying in a cozy log cabin with a glass room to lounge in and watch the stars.  Enjoy getting away from it all in this wilderness setting.  Maybe a dog sled or reindeer ride is on your list.  If you like playing in the snow, you can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding or take a ride on a snow mobile.  When you want to warm up, relax in their sauna.  And don't miss Santa's Home.  The resort is also a popular wedding and honeymoon destination and offers special packages for such occasions.  

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This is an absolutely beautiful tour of a most amazing Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.  This is the second of two videos of the resort.  We wanted to include this one as well as it takes you on an aerial tour of the resort, its beautiful lodging and fun activities.  We find this resort to be so unique and special.  Imagine staying in a glass igloo and viewing the incredible nature around you, especially the northern lights.  The descriptive banners in this one are very helpful, and the musical score is very uplifting and perfect for the video.  Both this and the other Kakslauttanen resort video on our site are a must-see. 

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You will be dreaming about a trip to Bermuda after viewing this short video from Bermuda Tourism.  This very British island located in the North Atlantic has beautiful clear blue ocean water and pink sand beaches.  The climate is somewhat cooler than islands in the Caribbean but is warmed by the Gulf Stream.  The many ship wrecks and coral reefs in fairly shallow water is perfect for scuba divers and snorkellers. To get around the island, one must take public transportation or rent a scooter as rental cars are not allowed.

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On our recent road trip from Paris to Switzerland, we stayed a night at the quaint and charming Hotel Moulin des Ruats located in the heart of nature in the Burgundy region of France. As we passed through the town of Avallon on our way to the hotel, we were not sure if we were on the correct road as it was a narrow winding road along a river in the forest. We wondered whether our navigation system was leading us in the right direction. But we pressed on a little further and voila! Tucked away in the woods was the entrance to Moulin des Ruats.

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You won't believe the size of this swimming pool.  It's an ocean in itself.  In fact, the Pacific Ocean water is filtered and pumped into it.  If you're thinking of traveling to Chile, this may be a resort to put on your list just to experience swimming in the biggest pool in the world.  San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort located about 100 km west of the capital Santiago.  Read the Tripadvisor reviews.

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The Angsana Velavaru resort in the Maldives will surely be on your someday list upon watching this visually stunning video.  Listen to the peaceful sound of water lapping against the shore, soak in the sight of crystal clear emerald green water, with slow motion moments that let you take it all in, then wrap it all up with a gorgeous sunset.  Yes, you're sure to feel relaxed after watching this video.

A Maldivian Escape by Veerdonk Visuals.
Shot at Angsana Velavaru in the Maldives.

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This delightful African safari video is from The Safari Collection, a unique collection of luxury lodges and camps where the whole family can enjoy the thrill of a safari adventure. You will see what it would be like to observe and photograph animals in their natural wilderness habitat.  This video will really get you dreaming of the possibilities.  The Circle of Life music from the movie The Lion King sets the mood perfectly for this wonderful video. 

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Dreaming of going on an African safari someday? Then start dreaming about your journey right here with this video of Giraffe Manor.  This elegant manor hotel, located in Nairobi, Kenya, can be your starting point for many exciting excursions and an endless array of activities hosted by The Safari Collection. Giraffe Manor offers the opportunity to mingle and dine with giraffes hovering over your shoulder looking for a treat. This is one of the most surprising and unique resort experiences we've come across. 

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