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Time to plan that road trip through New Zealand? Our newest travel video in our collection shares a 33-day journey across the country from Christchurch to Auckland. Many of us do not have a month to visit a country but this video will provide some great inspiration and ideas for even a two-week trip across New Zealand's two main Islands.

Explore 23 Reasons To Visit Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Looking for an American West getaway, full of classic western scenery with red rocks, high deserts, Rocky Mountain peaks, with dozens of attractions and activities to enjoy nature, adventure, culture and much more?  Then Colorado Springs, Colorado, has it all; anything and everything you could possibly want to satisfy your wanderlust for a vacation in the western USA.  

Colorado Springs, situated at the base of America's famous mountain, Pikes Peak with the magnificent red rock formations of Garden of the Gods in its shadow, offers so many ways to enjoy the impressive landscape and experience the history of this region.  If all you have is a few days and want to escape to a stunning western location in one concentrated area with a huge variety of activities that will satisfy all your interests, then this is the place to go, right in the middle of the USA.  Here's a look at the best things to see over three days in Colorado Springs, although a week or a lifetime would be better.

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Here's a unique twist on a room with a view - a tiny room with many views, a room that brings a new and dramatic view every day.  This little room is transported from one amazing location to another in Québec, Canada, for a couple from Brooklyn, New York.  Explore in 3 minutes what this couple experienced in a week of touring Québec.  They had no idea where they would wake up each morning.  But you wouldn't believe how the room was moved or where their room was parked each day. 

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What 12-day trip in France will bring you the best in French culture, food and scenery?  This itinerary by two of our someday trippers will give you a start on a perfect trip through France.   The tour itinerary starts with 2 days in Paris, then Chenonceaux for 2 days, then 3 days in Bordeaux, and finally 5 days in Nice with day trips to Monaco and more. The journey started on October 24, 2016 with all the details summarized here and then captured live daily in new articles with all the full details of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure through France.  Planes, trains and automobiles set this couple on a journey they will never forget.  Let's follow Kelly and Charles as they explore France.            

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Are you dreaming of an escape to an exotic locale, someplace truly unique? Then consider exploring the extraordinary country of Morocco in North Africa to satisfy your wanderlust.  Morocco is the top travel destination in Africa, so escape for a few minutes to this beautiful land in this exceptional video that takes you on a road trip journey through the country.  The videographer has done an amazing job of capturing what the experience is like, the emotions, the moments of assimilating the unique environment, and the sometimes comical situations that one experiences on such a trip.  We felt like we were riding right along with them. 

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This gorgeous video takes you soaring over New Hampshire's amazing fall landscape.  Brilliant reds of trees at their peak of color, clear blue lakes and streams dotted with colorful fallen leaves, foliage in hues so vibrant they are almost unbelievable.  You'll be whisked along paths and forests and trees to a pleasant soundtrack that accompanies your flight over the extraordinary fall landscape.  You will be looking down upon trees in neon shades of red and orange as you fly along.


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We love this refreshing and exhilarating autumn video that takes you on an escape to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  You may find yourself taking a deep breath as you view the dazzling technicolor fall landscape of the scenic Blue Ridge mountain range.  The narration is very inspiring and the music selection moving and perfect for the setting.  You may feel a little more relaxed and invigorated after watching this superb short travel video.  It makes us want to watch it again and again for the breathtaking scenes of fall colors and the story it tells of getting away from it all.  You may find yourself planning your road trip escape this fall to the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains.  

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Remember that road trip with your hair blowing in the wind and the mountains directly in front of you?  Perhaps it was winding your way around the Amalfi Coast in a Fiat with the excitement of not knowing what was around each corner but it was always something new and different.  When we return from a trip we often search for ways to capture the memories before they fade.  Maybe it's a framed photo, a souvenir, a scrapbook, a canvas print, or images posted on social media. We have a lot of options to try and refresh that wonderful someday trip.  Have you ever thought about how music can make your travel memories come alive almost anywhere at any time?  We will share a travel secret we learned some time ago. 

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Fall is a beautiful time to visit Maine to enjoy the brilliant colors of the changing leaves.  From canoeing, kayaking, fishing and hiking, to a cruise, visiting a winery, driving along one of Maine's many scenic byways, or simply relaxing at one of the many resorts and inns, fall is the best time of year to visit Maine.  This article, Fall In Maine, from VisitMaine.com has lots of information to help you plan your trip to Maine this fall. This video will take you on an amazing tour of one of the best areas in Maine to enjoy the fall colors - Acadia National Park

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