South America delivers amazing adventures for the traveler and photographer to capture memories making it a must see continent for the explorer in you.  This beautifully created timelapse video shares momemts of the incredible diversity the continent shares with us on this earth. If you are considering taking a trip to one or more of the countries in South America, take a moment and breathe in the environment that is visually presented so beautifully by this videographer.

In our continuing collection of curated travel videos we were inspired by this timelapse creation of Dubrovnik.  The scenery captures part of the day and night adventure that can be found when visiting this amazing UNESCO city heritage site.  The deep blue color of the Adriatic sea contrasting with the burnt orange tile rooftops in the hisitoric city create lasting memories for you when dreaming, planning or recalling memories of a visit.  Becoming one of the most popular destinations in Southern Europe this is a great video to watch to get pumped up about your future visit.

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Stop whatever you're doing and watch this mesmerizing 2-minute hyperlapse video of Asia.  This remarkable video will take you on a tour of some of Asia's most spectacular scenery and famous landmarks.  Swiss couple Jenny and Sylvain of Lytchee Travel recently spent six months traveling through China and Southeast Asia documenting their incredible journey and creating this super cool video. 

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Get your Christmas holiday season started with a trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, to see this magnificent estate decked out in dazzling holiday decor.  This fun and fast timelapse video of the tree raising celebration demonstrates what it takes to get such a large tree set up and decorated in the huge Banquet Hall.  Lots of people come to watch this amazing event.  The Biltmore is the largest private home in the United States, built in the late 1800s by the Vanderbilt family, and Christmas time is the best time of year to visit this extraordinary mansion as it's beautifully decorated for the season. 

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Escape for a few moments and explore the world in this amazing video that will make you stop and reflect upon the extraordinary majesty of this planet.  This video will transport you to far off places around the world where you'll feel as if you're that person standing on the rocks, by the river, or on the cliffs reveling in those breathtaking views, reconnecting with nature, and being restored by the beautiful landscape around you. A feeling of calm and contemplation envelopes you while watching this video.  Shawn Reeder has created an amazing film that reminds us of the incredible beauty of our planet.  Many of the scenes are captured in Yosemite National Park, California.

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Let yourself be teleported to the enchanting country of Costa Rica in this beautiful travel video that will sweep you through the lush rainforests, jungles, hidden waterfalls, and white sand beaches of Costa Rica.  There are endless things to do in this tropical paradise that goes by the motto of pura vida, the pure life, meaning all is well, enjoy life, and we can certainly see why.  Costa Rica, located in Central America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, has much to offer every type of traveler, from the active adventure traveler to the traveler who simply wants to unwind and relax in a beautiful unspoiled natural environment. There's something for everyone.

Bora Bora is the ultimate luxury island vacation destination.  We've all seen the photos of those bungalows over the water, now you get to virtually experience them in this beautiful video that will sweep you away to this island paradise.  So let yourself relax and escape for a few minutes in this video that will transport you from airport take-off to landing in Bora Bora

Are you dreaming of an escape to an exotic locale, someplace truly unique? Then consider exploring the extraordinary country of Morocco in North Africa to satisfy your wanderlust.  Morocco is the top travel destination in Africa, so escape for a few minutes to this beautiful land in this exceptional video that takes you on a road trip journey through the country.  The videographer has done an amazing job of capturing what the experience is like, the emotions, the moments of assimilating the unique environment, and the sometimes comical situations that one experiences on such a trip.  We felt like we were riding right along with them. 

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We're taken on a timelapse journey of fall in this video of Asheville, North Carolina where the mountains, countryside and city are ablaze with vibrant fall colors.  The timelapse effect beautifully captures the colorful landscape as the sun rises in the morning to its peak in the afternoon, with the varying effects of the sun and clouds floating over the landscape creating many impressions throughout the day, finally ending with the warm sunset casting its low light on the picturesque scenery.  The lush Blue Ridge Mountains extends through this area with fall colors that are spectacular.  Fall in Asheville provides many tips and information on what to see and do during this very popular season in Asheville. 

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This video of Washington DC reminds us of why we love what we're doing - sharing amazing travel videos with the world.  If you're dreaming of a someday trip to Washington DC, then this video will surely inspire you like none other.  This is our hometown so we were delighted to stumble upon this stunning and touching video of our capital city.  The videographer, Puponic, has captured the essence of DC and artfully showcased it through timelapse sequences. 

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