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Monday September 08

Europe in Four Minutes

This is a fascinating and clever timelapse video taking you on a tour of Europe. …

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Friday February 05

Visit Athens Greece

This video will take you on a tour of Athens, the center of Greek civilizations,…

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Wednesday August 19

A Yellowstone Time Lapse Travel Adventure

Yellowstone National Park was the first U.S. National Park, established in 1872 by President Grant. …

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Wednesday January 20

Peru and Bolivia - A Unique Journey

Very creative approach to traveling through the countries of Peru and Bolivia, but make sure…

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Sunday November 22

Finlands Beautiful Nature

Stunning video of the beauty of Finland, photographed in timelapse format.  It's 4 minutes of…

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Thursday November 20

Greenland and Iceland

In the beginning of the video there is a shot of the colorful houses you…

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