15 June 2015

Your First Travel Camera

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There are many articles on SomedayTrips and throughout the web on what you should consider in a travel camera.  In the not so distant past you would travel with a handy compact point and shoot camera like a powershot S500 or many of us would bring our DSLR camera and decide on which lenses to take. Some of us would bring both. The world has changed and with that our camera options.  Today, the majority of travellers have a mobile phone with a camera that take good photographs. As a DSLR shooter I am always suprised at how good my iphone can take pictures.  So is the best travel camera the mobile phone in your pocket or purse?  Do you need another option?

Mobile phones have been a key contributor to the explosion of digital photography that we see today on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and other social media platforms.  



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