Ask The Creative Director

Our creative director is here to answer any questions you may have regarding travel photography and videography.  

Some of the questions he has received in the past include:

I have a polarizer filter, when should I use it?

How can I get that smooth milky waterfall look?

How did you put color in a black and white photo?

What is our favorite lens?

You can decide to submit questions through the form option below and include a photo or share your questions in the comments to help others.  Either way, our photography coach will answer your questions in a timely manner (unless traveling),

Free Creative Photo Processing

If you are a newsletter subscriber, we will have our creative director review your photo and provide some processing enhancements if requested.  Simply upload your photo below and if you are not yet a newletter subscriber, join now.  He has done this for years for friends and family and we are now offering this free photography coaching service to you. You can see sample makeovers of shots in our "From Travel Snap Shot to Wall Art" article. 

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