Mobile Phone Travel Photography Framing

If you are like many travelers your go-to device for taking many of your shots is your mobile phone. The capability of products like the Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S6 are outstanding options for your travel snapshots. They are not great for low light and can't match a DSLR for features but portability often rules when traveling. In this article we explore the challenge of aspect ratios when shooting with your phone.

Today we live in a world where social media rules when it comes to sharing our digital images. It is simple and our friends get to see our travels during and post travel. So what is the best way to take our travel pictures? Traditionally we have taken photos in aspect ratios of 4 x 6 or 4 x 3, the standards of traditional camera manufacturers. To add to the complexity, we then have to decide if we should take a photo in portrait or landscape mode. But Instagram shows images in a square 1:1 ratio. So what is one to do when traveling? Far to often we think about this after we have taken our pictures and we are home from our travel and wondering how we can crop a picture for social media. Let's take a look at an example. In this image we have a standard 4x6 ratio picture that we took and then did some post processing. What will this look like when trying to crop this for a square social media shot? This is not the worst example we could show but clearly the picture does not present the same image. The top image is better and there is no way to get the surrounding space, which made it better, in the square crop. So in many ways you are stuck posting an inferior image to your social media feed. So what is a traveler to do? Let's explore some options. It is time to take advantage of your digital wonder in your hands and start to change the way you think about taking images. 1. Take more than one image. Your phone allows you to easily change your aspect ratios in your camera view. Take one photo in normal and another one square. 2. Generally take your shot wider and then frame it via a crop later. It gives you more freedom later and with today's higher pixel cameras you can do quite a lot of cropping for a social media image. 3. Shoot in landscape mode. If portrait is a better option, then do step 1 and take two photos, re-framing your second shot for a square aspect ratio. Remember that today's phones offer quite a bit of space and there are lots of options to sync to an external site when you have wireless access. If you shoot wisely, you should have plenty of room. Mobile phones give us a lot of creative freedom to remember and share our travel excursions. But don't forget to put it down and enjoy the scenery and experience. Dream everyday!

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