Best Places to Visit for Fall Foliage in U.S.A

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Summer is over and thankfully nature provides us a fireworks of fall color that with cooler temperatures draws us out to hike and explore parks and cities.  Day trips rank number one for travelers to find the color hues of autumn followed by weekend getaways in a cabin or bed and breakfast near the woods. Our dreams of hiking to the rustle of leaves under our feet and babbling brooks carrying a single red maple leaf cascading over rocks and getting caught by a branch gets us planning a road trip somewhere in the fall.  But where should we plan a trip? 

There is no perfect answer on where to see the best fall colors in America.  Is it the Smoky Mountains or Acadia Park in Maine?  We have selected some of the best fall foliage travel videos that made our editor's critical cuts to get you dreaming. So take a break at work, kick up your feet after a long work day or just relax on the weekend and start exploring some of the best fall color videography. These videos will immerse you in nature and help you plan a trip to get in the car and find some fall color.  Even if you can't plan a weekend getaway trip to get back in touch with nature, experiencing any of these fall color videos will bring you closer to mother earth and why every day nature amazes us near and far.  Start exploring all the fall color videos our editors selected now.  We guarantee you will return for more than one visit.

The Fall Color Travel Videos

Acadia National Park in Maine

This beautiful park is a wonder to visit in any season but the fall is simply amazing.  This video captured by the More Than Just Parks team takes you on a mystical tour of the park in fall.  Splendid color accompanied by a brilliant music composition will have you coming back to see this one and perhaps wondering why you need to put this park on your bucket list.  This park is one of the earliest to get fall color the USA.

Virginia Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge mountains in southern Virginia are a popular destination for fall color in the mid-Atlantic USA.  Are you ready to put a halt on your hectic life for two minutes and then maybe a whole weekend?  Autumn color, mountain life and your life in general could stop for a moment when you watch this video because you will be in the Blue Ridge time zone (not to be confused with the Twilight zone). We applaud the excellent work of Dave Perry in transporting us into a world that captures so much of what a fall color travel adventure can be.  It just takes two minutes and if it doesn't change your life, it will make you think about exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia for some spectacular fall color and cultural experiences. If you like to experiment you should consider just listening to this first without watching the video and then watch it again with the video.  How close did your experience match what the videographer created? Just for some fun.

Northeastern USA Fall Foliage

Bookmark this page and take your phone or tablet with you to lunch.  Next take a breath and queue up this video and transport yourself to the days when North America was being explored by the Europeans.  Experience the beauty and tranquillity of the fall season as viewed for so many years by the Native American Indians.  Close your eyes and listen to the rustle of ruby red maple leaves struggling to stay attached to a tree and water flowing over rocks in a nearby stream and then open your eyes to the sway of birch bark trees in the distance.  Imagine it and then view it in this superb video that can calm your day and have you dreaming everyday of trips somewhere, anywhere, to see fall foliage in America.

Adirondack Mountains in New York

The Adirondacks are situated in the state of New York and is a perfect fall getaway for many from the big city.  Beautiful aerial view captures show a color wheel of hues of autumn from the sky matched with close-ups of golden hues.  Travelers can experience images captured in this video by taking a hot air balloon ride across the colorful tree tops. Come and explore what you can see in the beautiful Adirondack region of New York.

Asheville North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains, the beautiful city of Asheville is a popular destination for fall color.  From the city there are hundreds of hiking options or simply taking a road trip on the fabulous Blue Ridge Parkway for spectacular views of fall colors. The video captures much of the beauty of experiencing the Blue Ridge fall color and city of Ashville. Come and explore some mountain culture where fall comes later in the season. As a footnote for those planning a visit after viewing the video, the city is a foodtopia for those that love to hike.  What could be better than exploring the forests nearby and following with a gastronomical experience at dinner.  It has one of our favorite chocolatiers, the French Broad, with its popular chocolate lounge just in case the chocolate chips in your granola bar on that hike didn't quite satisfy your chocolate craving.  

Autumn in New Hampshire

Why not plan a great road trip and travel to Maine, New Hampshire and New York?  In this video we take you on an experience one would see from America's greatest birds, the Bald Eagle.  Soar across tree tops of fall color in New Hampshire and experience a birds eye view of what you can see in this state.  When you plan your trip here don't forget to indulge in the bounty of the fall harvest.

The Smoky Mountains

Another brillant travel experience that immerses you in much of what you can experience in the Great Smoky Mountains in the fall. Color, color and more fall color with wildlife experiences and views that simply take your breath away.  These are the experiences we live for each day so jump in and explore how the Smoky Mountains in southeast Tenessee can move your dull day into an inspirational one. This video is a superb production by More Than Just Parks and was easy to put on our list of favorites.  If you only watch it once then try again because this is a play-on-repeat fall color video.  Tell us if it made you plan your next getaway escape to the Smoky Mountains in the fall.



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