Exploring around the Canyon of Hoodoos

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Take a peek at what you can find above, around and walking among the famous hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park.  In this video of the park, Alex has provided an excellent overview of this beautiful landscape that you will encounter as part of your travel to the park. Take a coffee break and enjoy three minutes of wonderful.

Park Highlights and Information

The U.S. Park Service has a very busy season of vistors to the park from April to September. There are some advantages to visiting during the off-season and seeing snow in the canyon being at the top of the list. However, many of the hikes are closed due to weather conditions and it will be a lot colder.  There are ranger led snowshoe hikes through the snow if there is sufficient snow pack.

One of the attraction at the park is the extensive network of hikes that range from easy to strenuous. There are numerous easy walks to lookouts along the rim of the canyon that are easily acessible to give you a view of the grandeur that nature has provided in this very unique landscape.  The various points each offer a special view and perspective of the canyon.  These are perfect for those that are doing what some may call a drive by of the park.  Get in, see, check the box, take pictures and head on down the road to Zion National Park or north to Arches.  If you are staying nearby, the night before and on a short visit plan you should plan to get up and be at the park before sunrise. We think this is the best time to see the park for the first time with the sun rising over the horizion and opening the curtain on hoodoos.  Make sure you bring a flashlight to safely navigate the paths to the view point you have chosen.  Suprisingly they have a sunrise point, but the best spot to take photos and videos of the sunrise at Bryce is actually Bryce Point which is actually a lot further into the park so plan your time accordingly. Sunrise is still good.  Download this map of the park before you travel to the park in the dark so you can plan your early morning visit. There are no rangers at the station before sunrise (at least when we went).

The main attraction or site at the park are as follows:

Rainbow and Yovimpa

Ponderosa Canyon

Agua Canyon

Natural Bridge


Swamp Canyon

Paria View

Bryce Point (Best spot for sunrise)

Inspriation Point

Sunset Point

Sunrise Point

Fairyland Canyon

 and Mossy Cave.

Pollution has impacted many of the U.S. national parks creating hazy views of some of our most scenic areas.  Bryce is generally one excption to this with good visibility often up to 100 miles  away.  The air quality, elevation and low humidity contribute to this.  It is one reason that it is a famous location for star gazers who flock during the June astronomy festival. 

You could spend a week exploring all there is to offer at Bryce and then do it again during a different season.  But experiencing just a few hours here can also fill you with memories of one of nature's most spectacular creations so put it in a dream cloud and plan your trip.

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