Round The World

Written by  Oliver KMIA

A very familar music theme starts this film.  You'll be awestruck by the many stunning images of landmarks around the world.  Oliver KMIA has put together an incredible movie that takes you everywhere and more.  How many places have you been to or recognize in this film?  It'll get your heart pounding with some of the action packed fast-paced film sequences, flying high over buildings, along rivers and across deserts at high speeds.  It's a wild ride!

Film credits and comments from Oliver KMIA:  Long before these days, before drones hit the mass market, TBS was already flying all over the world catching stunning scenery. Here is a tribute to these pioneers of FPV and aerial videography.
It was very hard to condense 200+ hours of video in less than 5 minutes but I managed to squeeze some of the best of the team's footage. This private project is the result of a collective work lead by many pilots all over the world. More to come. Enjoy !
Overwerk - The Nth º

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