Travel Through Jordan

Written by  StoryTravelers

Magical and dazzling video that takes you on a journey of Jordan, its people, landscapes and ancient architecture.  Jordan is an Arab kindom located on the East Bank of the Jordan River for which it was named, and bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine.  This very creatively edited and produced video is visually exquisite to watch. 

StoryTravelers tell their Story:  We went on a 10 day road trip with friends and had the feeling having been there once before. A magical journey of recognition through smiles, stunning vistas, deep emotions, colors and tastes .. the mystery of Jordan.
To honour this beautiful country we decided to create a Visual Hymn to Jordan.

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A StoyTravelers film:
Filmed and edited by Caspar Diederik (
Starring Mustafa Seven (, Enza di Lecce and Idil Gün (
Music by Steven Gutheinz "Vision"
Sound design and music composition by Reid Willis (
Voice by Kirsten Cruz (

Many thanks to the people of beautiful Jordan!
Issa Hanna Dies
Taima Al Farouq
Ahmed and Mohamed Alfaquer

      Location Info:  Jordan
      GPS: 31.967335   35.977870
      Accuracy: approximate
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