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The Galapagos - Calling Home The Galapagos - Calling Home

Hello, this is the Galápagos Islands calling about your dream trip.  This got me hooked from the moment the phone started ringing until the very end.  I couldn't stop watching and smiling at this fun and entertaining travel video of the Galápagos Islands created by Andrew Norton.  He has put a very creative and amusing spin on a video showcasing these amazing islands. 

Ecuador Ecuador

Calling all mountain bikers, EVOC takes you on a mountain biking experience on the dusty rugged terrain of Ecuador.  As avid mountain bikers and snowboarders, they have traveled the world and created a company that produces sports equipment and gear that suits their particular needs and in turn found many other people who wanted their gear as well.  You can learn more about their products here:  EVOC Sports

EVOC describes their video:

In the last 15 years we have travelled to more than 40 countries. With our mountain bikes or snowboards, in search of the best trails and the most stunning powder runs – for magazines and photo shoots, with professional photographers.
In 2013 we went to Ecuador wandering the back country for new trails. On a height of 4100m we rode perfect shaped downhills, which lead through a huge diversity of landscapes. Near Ibarra our crew realized how painful it is to depart from the trail while passing fields of cacti. The highlight and great final of our journey we experience on Cotopaxi. We started our downhill through dense snowfall and strong wind, which deep-freezed our hands and feet. Just minutes later the weather changed completely and we let our bikes glide down the black, shimmering, vast slope of the volcano, as the sun melted the thin snow layer.