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From Travel Snap Shot to Wall Art

SomedayTrips is now offering free photo critiques and photo processing for their readers to take those travel photos from nice to great.  Although we can't guarantee that we can improve upon a photo, we are always happy to take a look and put our years of experience to work for our readers.  Not sure what software you should use to process your photos?  In this article we share what we use and some reasons why.  You can see some examples of the before and after photos we have processed in the gallery below.

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 02:38

Ask The Creative Director

Our creative director is here to answer any questions you may have regarding travel photography and videography.  

Some of the questions he has received in the past include:

I have a polarizer filter, when should I use it?

How can I get that smooth milky waterfall look?

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The Best Travel Videos

We are dedicated to providing the best in travel videos on the web and related content.  If you love travel videos or are new to exploring how they can help you dream and plan for your next trip, this is the top travel video newsletter on the internet.

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Monday, 23 January 2017 01:00

20 Reasons to Visit the High Desert Museum

The High Desert Museum is on of a few tourist activites one can explore in and around Bend Oregon.  Outdoor activities takes top billing in the Deschutes National Forest area but this museum rich in early pioneer and later living in Oregon is worth a look.  This photo essay provides over 20 reasons one shoud consider a visit to this museum.  Founded in the 1980's it has been serving experiences to travelers every year.  

Sunday, 22 January 2017 19:59

The High Desert Museum Tour in Oregon

Planning a trip to Bend, Oregon, should include a trip to the High Desert Museum.  What better way to spend a day after some great hikes in the local area over a few days?  Isn't it time to put up your feet for a bit and explore some early American culture.  The High Desert Museum in Bend is a great place to take the family to explore some history in 135 acres of high desert country.  Explore this travel video on this Oregon attraction created from photos we captured during our visit to help you decide if the museum should be part of your planned itinerary. 

Friday, 30 December 2016 15:11

The Best Travel Photos of 2016

In 2016 we shared many travel photos.  Here are the top 10 travel images from destinations around the world.  These photos were featured on our social channels that started before our official launch of this year.  Deciding on the top 10 is sort of a crowd-sourced exercise using Instagram, which somewhat skews the results as the account grows, so we are also going to share some honorable mentions.

Every year the city of Alexandria Virginia has a Scottish Christmas Walk Parade.  A sea of tartan colors, kilts, dogs, cars and fists full of candy await those willing to brave the cold weather and get out and see the parade.  This video captures some of the highlights of the parade.  Family clans participate in the parade making one wonder if they all got a along or were enemies in the past.   

Many of the Scottish clansmen parade with their bagpipes through Old Town Alexandria as well as more formal bands locally and from cities as far away as New York. This very family-friendly holiday event is a traditional favorite of the community and a great day for travelers to spend the day exploring the charming historic town.

So why a Scottish Christmas parade you ask?  In 1749, the city of Alexandria was officially established by three Scottish merchants. The city is also named after the founder John Alexander, who is of Scottish descent. Today, the city continues celebrating its heritage with a weekend of festivities including a tour of historic homes, a children’s tea party, a Celtic Concert and a Christmas Marketplace and Café.

Travelers to Washington D.C. in December should check their arriaval dates to see if this coincides with their planned trip.  The parade is in the morning followed by other holiday events that culminate with a parade of boats on the Potomac river.  Alexandria VA is accesible from Washington via subway (Metro) or a short cab or Uber ride.

Finally in case you were wondering, yes Santa does show up.  This year Darth Vader did as well...hmm

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