Open Your Eyes and Travel

Written by  Mountain Hardwear

Find your travel inspiration in this captivating short film beautifully narrated with words that will stir your wanderlust to travel. "How beautiful is this life.."  Spoken by a Greek man, words that prompt you to open your eyes, see the world, get away from home.  Phrases that will grab you and remind you of the exhilaration of exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new things.  That thrilling feeling you get when you arrive in a new destination.  Let this video awaken your soul and recharge your zest for travel. 

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Mountain Hardwear comments:  Mountain Hardwear athlete, Cheyne Lempe, created Awake In Me after his trip to Greece. This film is about how going to incredible places isn’t an escape from normal life or trying to hide from problems, but the power and energy in a place like Kalymnos helps you work through whatever struggles life throws at you. Going to beautiful places not only helps jolt back into reality, but it helps me take a step back from that way of unhealthy living and thinking.

      Location Info:  Kalymnos Greece Europe
      GPS: 36.954483   26.979790
      Accuracy: accurate
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