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Santorini Vacation

Written by  jonas braukmann

If beautiful Santorini is on your SomedayTrip list, you'll enjoy this video created by a man who had taken his young family there for a 4 day vacation.  He called it a "Schnapsidee", a word that we had to look up since we'd never seen it before.  It's a German word for crazy or crackpot idea.  Santorini is located in the Cyclades islands of Greece and is the remnant of a volcano.  It has steep cliffs on one side and black sand beaches on the other.  It is truly a breathtaking island. This is a very well-edited and creative video that shows the unique beauty of Santorini. 

Jonas Braukmann's comments about his video: "We basically flew to Santorini over a long weekend. In spring. For 4 days. It was a Schnapsidee, but it was great. Because it was off-season we pretty much had everything for us. Sure, the weather was a bit unsettled, but that was part of the beauty. We stayed in Perissa and spent one night in Oia. It was Wonderful, but a we wouldn't do it again. Hahahaha. These are some moods. Hope You enjoy."

      Location Info:  Santorini Greece
      GPS: 36.398588   25.458740
      Accuracy: near
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