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The 11-day Windstar Tahiti cruise in French Polynesia offers a luxurious overnight romance package excursion on Bora Bora.  If an overwater bungalow experience is something you have dreamed about for years, then this might be something you consider to satisfy your wanderlust for that experience.  Cruising the islands is one of the best ways to see French Polynesia without all the hassle of island hopping by airplane, but the only option for a bungalow is to stay after or do it before the cruise.  For those that don't have the time or want a quick experience of an overwater bungalow, Le Méridien's Bora Bora resort has an option for those on Windstar cruises.

 Bora Bora

One Night Overwater Bungalow

The package is realistically a 24-hour experience at a beautiful resort with luxury at every turn, but time is precious.  Departing on your launch you will be brought to port where there will be a boat waiting to take you to the resort motu at the specified time.  This is a great ride to the island from the boat, cruising across beautiful blue aquamarine water that is very calm.  Once you arrive you will be greeted by staff and taken to reception where drinks await.  Here you will get a tour of the grounds while they locate your room.  If it is not ready you can explore the resort for a bit.  Then the moment arrives as you take a ride on the golf cart to your overwater luxury bungalow with a view and glass bottom floor in the center of the room and your dreams becoming a reality.  These are the moments that remind us we can dream about someday trips but they don't all have to be someday.  Ok it is time to jump into the water from your bungalow, chill on the deck or head to the pool.  We recommend at least jumping into the water once, twice or how ever many times it takes for you to get your boomerang video right to send to your jealous friends.  As sunset approaches we highly recommend that you have your beverage of choice in hand and watch the sun fall on the island while the silhouettes of the bungalows over the water begin to glow with accent of lights beneath them casting a glow on the water.

bora bora sunset 600px


French Cuisine Dinner On The Beach

Once the sun has set, your package includes a wonderful dinner on the beach with candlelight. Now, how romantic is that?  For those that have trouble planning a romantic experience, this package makes it easy.  The dinner is a classic French format with multiple courses and two glasses of champagne to start the evening.  Every course was amazing and provided from the on-site Le Tipanié Restaurant allowing any foodie or gourmet to have a truly gastronomical experience that makes your taste buds come alive.  Desserts are always something we think every restaurant should do well because if dinner on a beach ends with a thud then that is what a guest remembers.  The restaurant delivered with an amazing molten chocolate cake.  Having made many of these myself they did this perfectly, the chocolate flavor was so memorable we asked the chef what brand and percentage of cocao chocolate they used.  This was an amazing experience before taking a leisurely stroll along the beach and then back to the bungalow.  

beach dinner bora bora 2 PF


Stars Iluminate The Skies Above the Bungalows


By this time on your Tahiti Windstar cruise you will have probably noticed the amazing star-filled skies at night over the ocean as you sailed to the next port.  Your stay at the resort is no exception on a clear night with amazing view of the stars against the shadow of the mountain peaks from the main island in the background.  As your dinner settles, relax on your deck lounge chairs and enjoy the light show in the sky and look for some shooting stars.  The harmony of nature and the quiet peace of this Bora Bora motu is only broken by the occasional splash from a jumping fish.  If you live in a concrete jungle, this kind of therapy doesn't get any better.  If you are a photogapher like we are it is also a great reason to bring that tripod and capture some star trails or just the stars in the sky.  It was very hard to retire from these amazing skies to the bedroom for a couple of hours before watching the sunrise.

Bora Bora Resort View PF sm 600

Bora Bora Bungalow Sunrise

Did you set your alarm to see the sunrise from the deck of your overwater bungalow?  The hint here is that you should because there is plenty of time to catch up on some sleep back on the WindSpirit ship and get the most out of this 24-hour luxury shore excursion.  Get up and see the flicker of light begin to illuminate the sky as the mountains begin to show their tropical slopes while the second hand on your analog watch moves further toward daylight.  This a blue-mind dream with hues of yellow and orange transforming the sky while aquamarine colored waves lap at the piers that rise from the water to your bungalow.  Who will be the first to say "I have ordered room service for us"?  Romance was a keyword in the description and what better way than to have breakfast over the water. Yes, breakfast delivered by outrigger canoe is included in this resort package.  Staff will deliver it to your deck and set it up outside or inside at your choosing, a great way to get the most out of this bungalow experience before it is time to leave.  The staff also offered a quick ride in the canoe as well.  Time to continue to explore the resort after breakfast.  Take a dip in the pool, visit the turtle sanctuary or try out some watersports along the beach.  Next, have lunch before it is time to do a quick pack and take a boat ride back to the port. We chose to have lunch at Te Ava Restaurant as the colorful chairs caught our eye and of course the view. You may feel you were a bit rushed at this point but these are memories that will last a lifetime.  Soak it all in and savor every last minute.  Time to say goodbye to the bungalow if you have not checked out already.  What an amazing 24 hours of fun.


Time To Explore Bora Bora

One question that a Windstar cruise passenger may have is will I miss seeing the rest of Bora Bora?  Should I consider this on a second trip or a first?  We are laughing at the last question as we considered a trip to French Polynesia  to be a once in a lifetime bucket list experience but once you visit you will probably want to return.  The island of Bora Bora is amazing and the view from the resort will take your breath away as it is perfectly situated on the motu looking back at the majestic peaks of the island. 

Book Your Tahiti Cruise with Us

Officially your boat to the resort will leave around 1pm from the pier.  This allowed us to squeeze in a 4x4 tour of the island from the port (a Windstar excursion) first thing in the morning with time to return to the port to get to the ship for our day luggage and then head to the resort.  This gave us a great tour of the island with amazing vistas from an old lookout with World War II guns that still exist, pareo-making workshop and other views along the way.  A great way to see some of the island and culture before the luxury resort experience at Le Méridien.  One item to consider is that a 4x4 tour is a very rough ride so if you have bad back we would not recommend this excursion for you.

Windstar Destination Discovery Event

This excursion is an exciting time for a couple to enjoy a romantic escape but there are some trade-offs in choosing this route.  You will miss the main event in Bora Bora for this cruise stop.  Windstar has a motu reserved for a celebration festival with an evening of fire dancing experts and a private feast on the beach.  The price is not cheap when you compare it to your whole cruise especially for 24 hours.  Can you get a better deal planning it yourself?  We explored that and realistically for all that is included you would pay about the same and need to organize it yourself.  Did we regret it? Absolutely not except for wanting more of it.  Other options if you are on a 7 day, 10, 11 or longer Tahiti cruise is to add an overwater bungalow experience on the front or back end of your cruise.  The eastiest options are a resort in Tahiti or Moorea because of the proximity to the port.  They will also be expensive but you could enjoy 2-3 days.  

If you are interested in a Tahiti cruise feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you plan your someday trip to the French Polynesian islands. 

The details we included in this travel article for this excursion can change at any time and only represent our experience in May 2017.  We will also note that this excursion availibilty is not always guaranteed. 

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