Experience Pura Vida Travel in Costa Rica

Written by  Piotr Wancerz / Timelapse Media

Let yourself be teleported to the enchanting country of Costa Rica in this beautiful travel video that will sweep you through the lush rainforests, jungles, hidden waterfalls, and white sand beaches of Costa Rica.  There are endless things to do in this tropical paradise that goes by the motto of pura vida, the pure life, meaning all is well, enjoy life, and we can certainly see why.  Costa Rica, located in Central America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, has much to offer every type of traveler, from the active adventure traveler to the traveler who simply wants to unwind and relax in a beautiful unspoiled natural environment. There's something for everyone.

You can bask in the sun on both white and black sand beaches, revel in spectacular sunsets, enjoy a relaxing massage at a gorgeous resort, or step up the pace by ziplining through the jungle, white-water rafting, surfing the waves, snorkeling, or plunging into a waterfall pool.  The varied wildlife and nature that exists here is fascinating to observe. You can visit nature parks like Tortuguero National Park where you can observe green sea turtles nesting, monkeys, sloths, many brightly covered birds, and much more.  You can explore volcanoes, like the Arenal Volcano in Arenal Volcano National Park, and swim in thermal pools heated by the volcano. Be sure to check out the Venado Caves while you're there for a memorable underground adventure.


Photo Credit: flickr/Kansasphoto CC-SA

There are countless things to enjoy in Costa Rica so let the video get you started dreaming of a vacation there.  VisitCostaRica.com has everything you need to know about how to get there, where to stay, how to get around, tours, and much more.



Piotr Wancerz' comment:  Costa Rica has it all: jungle, beaches, mountains, adventure, relaxation. It’s all good in the land of pura vida.
Photography & editing: Piotr Wancerz
Music: Autumn by AMAKSI



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